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  Server Adminitration  
  Many companies depend on Linux servers. Hence sufficient support for Linux servers/ environment is on demand.123developers has a team of passionate Linux server supporting professionals to support your Linux servers. Our eminent team has the back up of years of experience to deliver excellent quality to the customers. We have the infrastructure to provide Linux support services updated with the latest techniques to accelerate your business productivity. We offer an affordable, cost effective solution that increase server reliability.  
  The following range of Linux Support and related services:  
  1. Amazon EC2: Elastic Computing Cloud - New wave in Server Technology.
  2. Amazon S3: Simple Storage Solution - New Trend in on line storage.
  3. Nirvanix: An emerging technology in on line storage for high volume of Data.
  4. Apache: Installing maintaining and optimizing web servers, virtual hosting. Load managing,Mod Security-the firewall for Apache with minimum set of rules.
  5. Qmail: Worldwide using popular mail server- installing maintaining with vpopmail and MySql support.
  6. Scripting: Bash scripting for Automation of MySQL, Mail, Data Backup.
  7. Firewall: Worlds widely using firewalls Endian, PfSense, IP tables, TCPWrappers.
  8. Security: SSH securing, securing temporary directories.
  9. Spam Assassin: Installation and Optimization of Spam Assassin.
  10. Transparent Proxy: Setting up of transparent proxy for internet connection sharing.
  11. Bugzilla: The bug tracking system for open source community.
  12. Kernel upgrades
  13. Maintaining VOIP: Installation, Configuration and customization of Trixbox and Asterisk
  14. MySQL: Installing and optimization of MySQL server.
  15. Replication of MySql 4 and 5 Data farm Monitoring:
  16. Monitoring large clusters using Scripts and Nagios.
  17. Control Panel: Direct Admin, Plesk, CPanel.
  18. Antivirus: Installation and updation of Antivirus software ClamAV, McAfee Linux shield.
  19. Installation, Optimization, Securing, monitoring large Data Centers.
  20. Dedicated/Part time system administration.
  21. Emergency Backup and Migration Works.
  22. Security updates for server software.
  23. PHP configuration, update and installations with options like GD,Curl,etc.
  24. Correcting problems with critical services Web Server, Mail Server, SQL,FTP, Control Panel.
  Major achievements  
  1. Installed and Configured new Elastic Computing Cloud for overseas client Bopaboo.
  2. Installed and Configured Simple storage solution for overseas client Bopaboo.
  3. Configured a solution in php for uploading Data into Nirvanix.
  4. Installed and Configured new mail server in Sendmail/Cyrus/LDAP.
  5. Developed a Script for implementing following security tools in the collocated servers of their overseas client Ran networks (http://www.ran.es)
    • * Mod security (Firewall for apache).
    • * ModDosevasive (DOS prevention system for apache).
    • * Temporary Directory protection.
    • * IPTABLE Firewall.
    • * TCPWrapper protection for SSH.
  6. Developed a backup solution for taking backup and upload to a remote FTP server automatically.
  7. Installed and Configured A trouble ticketing system (OTRS) for their internal and external clients.
  8. Installed and Configured 10 number of Qmail servers for their Colocation customers.
  9. Implement a Software firewall (Pfsense) just before the colocation department.
  10. Capistrano for Managing the server farm using a single shell. For example we can apply updates in all the servers in a single command.